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Top Crypto Games To Make Money

Make money online

Play-to-earn (P2E) games have become a crypto industry mainstay, allowing players to earn prizes simply by playing and achieving goals or completing tasks.

Different games provide different rewards, some come in the form of tokens and others in the form of NFTs – but they all have real-world value and can be swapped for other tokens or even sold for fiat money on dedicated markets.

Let’s explore some of the greatest games to play for money. Some are well-established titles with functional ecosystems, while others are just getting started and can help you get a jump start in space.

Let’s go over the greatest play-to-earn games and talk about their gameplay, ecology, in-game tokens and NFTs, and more.

1. ChimpZee

Purchase NFT Passports, Earn Money Through a P2E Ecosystem, and Protect the Environment

Users can make passive money, participate in a play-to-earn world, shop for prizes, and safeguard the environment by using the ChimpZee ecosystem. Although ChimpZee has only recently launched its native token, $CHMPZ, on presale, it has already begun to protect the environment.

Users will need to obtain an NFT passport to play the game. ChimpZee employs AI technologies to enable people to make their NFTs resemble themselves. These NFT passports can be staked on the platform to earn an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of up to 20%. All tokens used to purchase these NFTs will be burned as well.

Users can win free $CHMPZ tokens and premium rewards by playing the game. Tokens earned can be used to buy products and gear from Chimpzee’s online store. You will receive free tokens for making a purchase. At the same time, a portion of the proceeds from the online store will be donated to the charity with which ChimpZee works.

2. Ecoterra

Best Play-to-Earn Game with Recycle-to-Earn Concept Overall

Ecoterra is our top selection for the greatest play-to-earn game and one of the best new cryptos to buy in general.

The initiative is not exactly a P2E game in the classic sense, but it is a fun way to earn prizes while simultaneously helping to combat climate change.

Users just collect recyclable items and put them into Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), which can be found in supermarkets across the world, to receive ECOTERRA tokens.

All that is required is to scan the barcode with the Ecoterra app, with each item having an assigned value. Tokens can then be exchanged and sold, held as a long-term investment, or staked to produce passive income.

All actions are visible on the mobile app, and users earn additional prizes, such as NFTs, when they reach certain milestones and fulfill particular goals.

3. Tamadoge

P2E Game With a Meme-Inspired Coin

Tamadoge ranked second on our list of the best play-to-earn games due to its innovative approach to crypto gaming, DeFi, NFTs, and P2E games.

Given its gaming environment and tokenomics, the meme coin project, which was one of the top high-risk, high-reward cryptos of the last 12 months, has enormous future potential.

To earn tokens and rewards in the primary Tamadoge game, users buy, mint, breed, and combat with their own Tamadoge NFTs, which are animated Shiba Inus with individual accessories and stats.

The game, based on the 90s fad Tamagotchi, is predicted to be a great smash when it is released later this year.

Tamadoge also offers the Tamadoge Arcade, where players can play a variety of play-to-earn games with their Tamadoge NFTs and the Tamaverse’s native currency, the TAMA token.

The games are likewise free to play and inspired by old platform games. The group is also working on an augmented reality software that will allow Tamadoge holders to take their pets out into the real world to search for riches.

4. Pikamoon

Earn Rewards by Joining this P2E Metaverse

Pikamoon is a role-playing game (RPG) in which players can earn rewards in a virtual environment. It enables people to use $PIKA to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and engage in monetary competitions and adventures.

Users will enter the world of Dreva on the Pikaverse. Users can acquire virtual land NFTs on the ecosystem in the same way as they can in popular metaverse-based games like Decentraland and Axie Infinity. $PIKA tokens can be used to make the purchase.

Users will be able to purchase Pikamoon NFTs using $PIKA, which can be utilized for exploration within the game as well as on the battle system. There are 18,012 Pikamoon NFTs in all, each belonging to a separate region of the Dreva planet in the Pikaverse.

Dreva’s four territories are the Thunder Collective, Earth territories, Water Kingdom, and Flame Empire. Users will be able to gather tokens and capture Pikamoon avatars from the exploration mode, similar to Pokemon.

Users will be able to employ their NFTs in battle against other opponents in battle mode. In addition to an online mode, an offline mode will be included for individuals who want to access free-to-play options.

5. Decentraland

Real Estate Earn-to-Play Game

Decentraland is a virtual environment in which you can create, explore, and trade with other users. You can also play games, attend events, and visit galleries, among other things.

But the heart of this endeavor is virtual land. Simply put, users can buy virtual plots of land and do things like organize events, build structures, and so on – each parcel of land is technically an NFT called LAND, the game’s basic unit.

Aside from land, players can design and customize their avatars and utilize them in a variety of events, some of which offer in-game money known as MANA.

To generate money and enjoy fun, you can trade both LAND and MANA. LAND, like any other NFT, fluctuates in price according to supply and demand, much like real estate. Technically, it is virtual real estate, but with a hilarious twist.

Download the software or open it in your browser to join Decentraland. To connect to the game and earn cryptocurrency, you’ll need a Web3 wallet like Metamask.

6. The Sandbox

A Creative P2E Game

The Sandbox is another great crypto game that is comparable to Decentraland in that it focuses on digital land. But it’s much more than that.

It is a 3D virtual environment in which you can develop, explore, and monetize your gaming experiences using non-fungible tokens known as LAND (NFTs) and SAND (cryptocurrency), the platform’s primary utility token.

The Sandbox includes several tools, including VoxEdit, Game Maker, and the Marketplace. VoxEdit is a program that allows you to create and animate your voxel models (NFTs) for use in your games or to sell on the Marketplace. Game Maker is software that allows you to create your games and experiences using drag-and-drop logic and hundreds of community-created components.

The Marketplace is a venue for buying and selling NFTs and LANDs, which are virtual land parcels in The Sandbox metaverse.

7. CryptoKitties

P2E Game Featuring Digital Kittens

CryptoKitties has already established itself as a legendary P2E game, having changed the crypto sector and paved the path for NFTs. The rules of the game are straightforward: breed and gather digital kittens, where each cat represents an NFT.

Some cats may have distinct appearances and characteristics that distinguish them from others, making them uncommon and possibly more expensive.

Dapper Labs, a Canadian studio, released the game in November 2017. It went viral immediately, attracting millions of users and generating millions of dollars in revenue.

The enormous demand for transactions generated substantial congestion on the Ethereum network since the network’s capacity was exceeded. Since then, CryptoKitties has switched to a new blockchain known as Flow, which is built to handle high-volume applications such as games and social networks.

8. Axie Infinity

Pokemon-Like P2E Game

Axie Infinity has been hailed as one of the most fun P2E crypto games, as it was among the first to allow players to use Axies (in-game creatures) in battle.

In other words, players can raise numerous in-game creatures as pets and employ them in battle, which is why some players refer to this game as the “Pokémon” of the crypto world.

The project is Ethereum-based, and each in-game monster is an NFT. Also, Axie Infinity employs an in-game cryptocurrency known as Axie Infinity Sharts or Tokens (AXS), which is regarded as one of the top gaming crypto coins. They are given to successful gamers and can be traded on markets.

Aside from dueling, Axie Infinity added several new features. In the land mode, for example, you can establish your settlement on a plot of land on the planet Lunacia. You can also harvest materials, craft stuff, and communicate with other players.

9. Splinterlands

Battle-Focused Crypto Game

Splinterlands is a battle-focused cryptocurrency game.

Splinterlands is known as one of the best new trading card games as well as one of the best P2E games. Because the game is blockchain-based, players can benefit by collecting, buying, and selling various cards, each of which has real value. To put it another way, each card is a non-fungible token.

Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone were major influences on Splinterlands. In other words, the gameplay, which concentrates on playing cards, is the game’s most important aspect.

You may earn in-game money and move up in the Splinterlands community by learning the rules and perfecting your card-dueling skills. Dark Energy Crystal (DEC), the game’s principal cryptocurrency that drives its ecosystem, can be traded for other cryptos on exchanges.

DeFi Kingdoms is a fantasy role-playing game. DeFi Kingdoms is touted as a cross-chain fantasy role-playing game based on the DeFi Protocol. To put it simply, it’s a pixel-art RPG in which all resources and heroes are tokenized and converted into NFTs.

Given that the game is played online with many players populating the in-game environment at the same time, MMORPG is a more realistic description.

The game is cross-chain and available on Klaytn and Avalanche, with over 100,000 users across all networks. It presently has two realms, but it is intended to have many more in the future.

The play-to-earn mechanisms of the game are centered on the JEWEL token, which is utilized to power the game’s ecosystem and has real value. It can also be utilized to obtain governance privileges, in-game power ups, and even a share of the dispersed fees that the game charges players.

Heroes, as in many other RPGs, have unique skills and items that may help players. Some heroes have rare goods, which make them more valuable.

Advantages of P2E Games

The following are some of the benefits of P2E games:

Earnings: Players can earn money by playing P2E games. In most circumstances, that may not be sufficient to make an income. Still, having a fun side hustle for a little extra cash doesn’t sound too bad.

Transparent and fair gaming economy: In play-to-earn games, players have power over the outcome. They have complete control over digital assets in P2E games. This is not like typical games where servers can be shut down, accounts banned, or rules changed at any time. P2E games allow players to store, transfer, and sell their assets without the use of intermediaries or restrictions.

Creative inspiration —P2E games: stimulate innovation and creativity in the gaming industry, allowing developers to experiment with new genres, systems, and features that capitalize on the possibilities of blockchain technology.

Can Play-to-Earn Games Really Earn You Crypto?

In brief, yes, because P2E games are blockchain-based and function similarly to Bitcoin, and the field is growing in popularity.

Depending on the game design and mechanics, players can earn in a variety of ways from play-to-earn games. Some common ways include:

Trading in-game tokens gained through achievements or as a reward on exchanges and marketplaces for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

  • Collecting and selling NFTs that symbolize unique game objects or characters.
  • Staking or lending in-game coins to make passive revenue (if this feature is available in your preferred game).
  • Participating in governance and community activities relating to game production and direction.
  • Participating in in-game tournaments with awards of coins or NFTs.
  • Building on metaverse virtual pieces of land and charging entry.

Are P2E Games Safe?

In general, blockchain is a safe and secure system that protects your digital money and transactions. To reduce your chances of being scammed, you should understand as much as you can about cryptos, blockchain, DeFi, and P2E. In sum, blockchain provides us greater control over our money, which requires us to be more responsible.

Here are some of the most important safety considerations when playing P2E games:

Overall security – To protect their funds from hackers, scammers, and cheaters, players must use secure and trusted wallets, platforms, and exchanges. They must also safeguard their secret keys and passwords and never disclose them to others.

Regulation – Because P2E games are mostly unregulated, there is no clear legal framework or authority to control them. This can lead to insecurity, unclear information, and conflicts over topics such as taxation, ownership, intellectual property, and consumer protection. Players must be aware of their state’s laws and regulations and follow them.

Volatility – Due to the volatility of the crypto market, the value of P2E games’ tokens and NFTs might fluctuate considerably over time. You should be prepared for price fluctuations at any time and act accordingly.


This list of the top play-to-earn games should be plenty to get you started and expose you to the world of P2E, where participants may earn actual crypto and NFTs. Remember that each game has its own set of rules, tokenization concepts, and so on, therefore it’s critical to grasp the underlying processes before playing. Examine the environment of your chosen game to determine the best approach to make money in it.

Finally, keep your gameplay light and consider P2E games to be a kind of entertainment rather than a source of revenue.

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