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How Blockchain is Different from Bitcoin

blockchian vs bitcoin

Many people believe that Blockchain and Bitcoin are the same thing because they are so closely related.

But did you know that Bitcoin and blockchain are not the same thing? If you’ve been using the terms collectively, you’re not alone; many people do as well, probably due to the strong relationship between blockchain and Bitcoin.

If you’ve ever scratched your head trying to figure out what the heck the difference between the two is, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into this and learn more about this:


Bitcoin is a digital currency that uses cryptocurrencies and is controlled by a decentralized authority, as opposed to government-issued currencies. Bitcoin is not a formally accepted form of payment, although it is used for a variety of transactions around the world. It is safe and secure because it is not physically present, and blockchain is the greatest mechanism to conduct these transactions.

The Bitcoin Network is a network of computers that work together to process Bitcoin payment transactions between Bitcoin accounts. Individuals and corporations all around the world own these computers, known as miners.

The Bitcoin Network is extremely secure. The system was specifically designed and engineered to make it difficult to manufacture duplicate Bitcoin or fraudulent transactions, therefore “Double Spending” is not an option.

Bitcoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies to use blockchain technology to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. Because of its decentralized network, Bitcoin has a lower transaction fee than well-known payment gateways.


The blockchain is a form of ledger that records all transactions and facilitates peer-to-peer transactions. In Blockchain, each block contains transaction data, an expiry date, and a cryptographic hash of the block before it. In other words, blockchain, a distributed database technology, and any digital asset restrict Bitcoin. It enables several parties to conduct business, share critical data, and pool their resources in a secure yet inaccessible manner. The blockchain’s data is decentralized since it is distributed across multiple computers. Blockchains are extremely secure since there is no single point of failure due to their decentralized structure.

The Most Significant Difference Between Blockchain and Bitcoin

Let’s look at some basic contrasts between these two new-age finance concepts in the points below. These points highlight the differences in their basics and complexities.

  • The primary difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain is how flexible or extensive the application of each technology is. The scope of the Blockchain is far broader than that of Bitcoin, which is exclusively concerned with facilitating international monetary transactions. It can transfer money, property rights, and other types of assets. It has made continual technological advancements, and blockchain is now the hottest item on the market.


  • Cryptocurrency is another term for digital currency, such as Bitcoin. It was founded in 2009 to avoid governmental control of any nation’s currency and to facilitate Internet transactions for customers by eliminating third-party payment processors. On the other hand, Blockchain technology is used to keep track of Bitcoin transactions. This approach sends and maintains Bitcoin transaction data via a distributed ledger across a peer-to-peer network. Everyone has access to the information in the ledger.


  • Bitcoin is a sort of digital currency or cryptocurrency that is used to move money across boundaries. It simplifies transactions by eliminating middlemen and the involvement of the governments of the sending and receiving nations in managing currencies. A blockchain is a technology that supports bitcoins. Using Blockchain technology, the ledger that records each Bitcoin transaction is maintained up to date. However, nothing kept on the Blockchain can be altered or changed in the future by a human or a piece of technology. As a result, blockchain is one of the most open, usable, and secure technologies.

 Wrap Up

While both Bitcoin and blockchain have advantages. In this digital age, it is obvious that more and more people will look into how they may benefit from Bitcoin and blockchain. Bitcoin and blockchain will make people’s life easier by facilitating millions of cross-border transactions every day.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and several more have since been established and used. However, with the advancement of blockchain technology, it now has more applications than Bitcoin. As a result, Bitcoin’s popularity and significance decreased substantially.

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