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Difference Between KASPA Coin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Difference between KASPA coin and other Cryptocurrencies

Kaspa coin is an enticing cryptocurrency! It is, in fact, a variant of the original Bitcoin protocol. The main distinction is its approach to scalability. One of the most significant issues that various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, face is scalability.

For example, Bitcoin has a fixed block size, which means it can only execute a particular number of transactions per block. During times of strong demand, this causes congestion and higher transaction fees. Kaspa, on the other hand, scales more effectively thanks to a technology known as “sub-DAGs” or sub-directed Acyclic Graphs. 

Let’s talk about Kaspa, a proof-of-work block DAG cryptocurrency that has been touted as a next-generation Bitcoin. But is it? Let’s explore it.

KASPA Coin Value and Launch

Kaspa debuted on November 7, 2021, with no pre-mine or allotted coins, which is appreciated. It offers a level of fairness and transparency that is occasionally lacking in the crypto realm. However, this means that the cryptocurrency has no proven value, which can be a concern for future investors.

Capability and Performance

One of the features that drew my interest to Kaspa was its one-second block time, which makes it faster and potentially more efficient than Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin. However, after careful consideration, significant doubts regarding its viability. Why would someone invest in something that is only passable when there are better options?

The proof-of-work and directed acrylic graph aspects of Kaspa are interesting, but not enough to make it a clear winner in the competitive world of cryptocurrencies. Even if the value of Kaspa increased ten times, mining would still be unprofitable. Miners will have to constantly sell Kaspa to fund expenses, making it financially unviable.

Market Placement

Kaspa is not yet among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, and it’s skeptical of its ability to catch up to its competitors. Even though it is a new platform, it has an astonishing 264,000 users. The top ten addresses, on the other hand, control 17% of the supply, with many of them being exchange wallets. The top 100 addresses account for 35% of the total supply. Potential investors may be concerned about this amount of concentration.

Kaspa coin comparison to  other Cryptocurrencies

Despite such concerns, Kaspa is not without value. It surpasses other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. However, it is having difficulties in terms of distribution and listing on major markets. Other established proof-of-work coins are receiving major investment, and Kaspa must step up to compete with them.


Kaspa aspires to produce a cryptocurrency that can operate as a store of wealth while also allowing decentralized finance applications by integrating the best of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. While Bitcoin is not well-suited to financial applications, Ethereum has the potential to be more decentralized. Kaspa’s solution, on the other hand, is to separate the compute layer from the base consensus layer, allowing the base layer to remain light, quick, and decentralized. The second layer is then set up to handle smart contracts for decentralized finance applications.

Moving Past Bitcoin and Ethereum

Kaspa also overcomes the existing cryptocurrencies’ security-scalability-decentralization tradeoff problem (blockchain trilemma). The PHANTOM protocol is used by Kaspa’s consensus layer. This proof-of-work consensus algorithm generalizes Nakamoto’s chain into a blockDAG (directed acyclic graph). To begin, PHANTOM inserts “orphan” blocks into the chain to create a blockDAG. Then it employs a revolutionary greedy algorithm to rank the blocks in such a way that well-connected, honest blocks are swiftly and strongly preferred. Resolving the blockchain trilemma and increasing practicality through increased speed and energy efficiency.

Wrap Up

To summarize, Kaspa is not awful, but it is frustrating since it is close to being excellent but missing the “awesome” aspect. To stand out in the crowded cryptocurrency market, it must overcome its difficulties and carve itself a unique value proposition.

Kaspa separates itself from other cryptocurrencies with its revolutionary DAG blockchain design. The distinction has the potential to provide various benefits, including increased scalability, decreased energy use, and faster transaction confirmations. It is crucial to note, however, that Kaspa is still in its early phases of adoption, which can bring both opportunities and threats. Individual goals, resources, and the exact use case all play a role in determining whether Kaspa is a better choice than other cryptocurrencies. Kaspa’s unique qualities may become even more relevant and significant in defining the future of digital money as the cryptocurrency ecosystem evolves.

Remember that the purpose is to make informed judgments and invest intelligently, not merely to make money. Stay careful and keep exploring until next time.

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